Insights on Employee Motivation and Turnover

MCG worked with the Human Resources division of a local Fortune 1000 firm to analyze the root cause of turnover at the company. We performed correlation and regression analysis across several categories and were able to pinpoint key opportunity areas to increase employee satisfaction and retention. Our team also provided insight regarding industry trends and practices for keeping employees motivated. The human resources team regarded our deliverables as eye opening and influential.

Analyzing Strengths and Weaknesses in a Competitive Market

Our team performed an extensive competitive analysis for this Fortune 50 firm’s business to business services division. We identified market trends by examining competing service providers, detailing their structure, breadth of services, pricing tiers, and transparency of offerings. Our recommendation helped the client determine their future strategy, by identifying specific market segments and advising them on how to technically structure their products to offer a superior experience.

Product Launch Positioning and Strategy

Our team worked with the music division of an entertainment software provider to establish an entry strategy into the mobile application space. We analyzed relevant data and metrics relating to mobile carriers and operating systems, to determine which channels would be most beneficial for the company to focus on. In our analysis of the mobile competitive landscape and application consumption, we came across extremely relevant trends which directly affected the company’s strategic positioning.

Social Media Marketing

MCG worked with a local business to enhance their online tools, specifically regarding their presence on major social networks including Facebook and Twitter. Our team compiled a guide to the best ways of developing customer relationships and increasing affinity through social media optimization. The client found our group to be immediately impactful and extremely informed regarding the online social space.

Internal Platform Design & Rollout

MCG assisted a local Fortune 500 firm in the development of a technology platform for employees to achieve specific internal missions and goals. We designed and developed the platform with a marketing plan to gain employee support and enthusiasm. The tool we helped produce is now used by all of the 130,000+ worldwide employees of this company, helping guide community causes and volunteering efforts.

Gen Y Consumer Analysis

MCG worked with a local Fortune 500 firm to determine how changes in consumer attitudes and shifts in technology have recently impacted Generation Y’s attitudes towards retail operations. Our team helped define characteristics of Gen Y’s consumers, expectations towards customer experience, and purchasing behavior. Recommendations were created to help position the company for continued differentiation and excellence in a dynamic retail environment.

Marketing Plan Developement

MCG worked with a nationally recognized non-profit organization to help determine their key message and how to reach different demographic segments across the United States. Our team worked specifically to help segment, target, and position the non-profit’s message within the college community. Following this, the team determined best practices in marketing tactics and created a strategy geared towards effectively reaching college students. The end result was an increased awareness and positive brand impression for the non-profit, as well as the development of a sustainable marketing strategy for future growth.

Consumer and Market Research For Urban Planning

MCG worked with a government entity to assess the opportunities in housing, retail, and commercial outlets surrounding the Transportation Oriented Development (TOD) expansion into the Northgate area. Our team surveyed the surrounding areas and provided detailed analysis of the current layout of the neighborhood, which helped the government entity assess development scenarios for future planning.